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Why did Akihabara, a town where anime fans and otaku gather, become sacred ground?

Japanese animation, also known as “anime,” has fans all over the world, and there is one place where many anime fans say they want to visit at least once. That is Tokyo’s “Akihabara.” Akihabara is treated as a “sacred ground” where otaku, those who are crazy about anime, games and cosplay (dressing up as one’s […]

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The essentials of Japanese food! Three popular Japanese foods that can be eaten even in America!

Japanese food is getting more popular, along with a growing shift towards healthy thinking. The number of Japanese restaurants is growing, even in America. While the taste is a reason for the popularity, the colorful plating of items that allows for dishes to also be enjoyed visually is another. This time, we hope to introduce […]

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Just what is sake to Japanese people? The sake used in ceremonies

In general, sake signifies three different things to Japanese people. First, it’s an offering to the gods. Second, it’s something used to entertain people. Third, it’s used medicinally or as an analeptic. This time, we’d like to talk about the relationship between sake and the gods. Your view of sake might change once you understand […]

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