A.We accept reservations.
*Daikokuya El Monte allows outside cakes and desserts for birthday parties and celebrations with prior reservation/notice only. *

A.All our restaurants are serving To-Go Orders (walk-in, order by phone). You can place a Delivery Order from the website of each restaurant as well.

A.We currently do not have any nutritional facts/ info on our menu items. We would like to incorporate them in the near future but it is a very involved process so we are working on them right now.

A.All of the Daikokuya Ramen stores have a standardized Grand Menu with all of the same foods served at all of the locations. However, some stores have additional special or seasonal menu items also incorporated into their menus. Make sure to go check out the different stores for some limited-edition items!

A.All of the items on the grand menu should taste the same however a slight difference in taste appears due to the difference in water type used when making the broth.
We are currently doing our best at the central kitchen to make sure all of the ramen have the same quality and taste across all of our stores.
(The water used at all locations is safe, filtered water)

A.Yes! We do have vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

A.We offer Gift certificates that can be used in most places within our restaurant group.

A.We provide management consulting. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.