“What is Bishamon!?” The origin behind the name

Bishamon statue

What kind of god is “Bishamon”? The “Bishamon” from Bishamon Group originates from the Buddhist deity known as “Bishamon-ten” in Japanese. The deity is recognized in Japanese culture as a protector of Japanese shrines and temples and even depicted in popular culture such as video games. Also known as Vaiśravaṇa, the name originates from the […]

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Recommended to those who want a deeper understanding of Japan! The traditional arts of Japan

The traditional arts of Japan, developed in an isolated island country in the far east, have been drawing attention from the rest of the world. This time, we’d like to introduce the world of Japan’s traditional arts to those of you who want a deeper understanding of Japan. What are the Japan’s traditional arts? While […]

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Why did Akihabara, a town where anime fans and otaku gather, become sacred ground?

Japanese animation, also known as “anime,” has fans all over the world, and there is one place where many anime fans say they want to visit at least once. That is Tokyo’s “Akihabara.” Akihabara is treated as a “sacred ground” where otaku, those who are crazy about anime, games and cosplay (dressing up as one’s […]

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The Japanese enjoy alcohol at seasonal events! The alcohol imbibed during cherry blossom viewing and festivals

Events in Japan have long had deep ties with enjoyment of alcohol. The experience that gathering around delicious food and gazing at cherry blossoms with a drink provides is a staple of cherry blossom viewing, an event synonymous with spring. Alcohol is a requirement for summer events, too. Festivals go without saying, but people even […]

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What kind of drink is sake? An easy-to-follow explanation covering everything from ingredients to different production methods

 Known as nihonshu in Japan, sake is one of Japan’s most well known products and is loved for its superb mouthfeel and quaffability. Although it goes well with cuisine from different countries, there are probably many people out there who still wonder what, exactly, sake is. If you like sake but aren’t sure about how […]

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